Relevante Literatur zur Wirkung von Sideritisextrakten auf das ZNS


Sideritis als
zentral aktive Pflanzenextrakte
mit breitem
Wirkprofil (pdf)



Hier finden Sie eine Auflistung der für die Wirkung von Sideritisextrakten auf das Gehirn und den menschlichen Körper relevanten Arbeiten. Es handelt sich dabei vor allem um präklinische Arbeiten, die den Wirkmechanismus von Sideritisextrakten beschreiben.


Knörle, 2012
Extracts of Sideritis scardica as triple monoamine reuptake inhibitors.

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Dimpfel, 2013
Pharmacological classification of herbal extracts by means of comparison to spectral EEG signatures induced by synthetic drugs in the freely moving rat.

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Ahn et al. 2016
Natural Product-Derived Treatments for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Safety, Efficacy, and Therapeutic Potential of Combination Therapy (review)

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Behrendt et al., 2016
Effect of an herbal extract of Sideritis scardica and B-vitamins on cognitive performance under stress: a pilot study.

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Dimpfel et al., 2016
Psychophysiological Effects of Sideritis and Bacopa Extract and Three Combinations Thereof—A Quantitative EEG Study in Subjects Suffering from Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI).

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Vasilopoulou et al., 2013
Phytochemical composition of "mountain tea" from Sideritis clandestina subsp. clandestina and evaluation of its behavioral and oxidant/antioxidant effects on adult mice.

González-Burgos et al., 2013
In vitro permeability study of CNS-active diterpenes from Sideritis spp. using cellular models of blood-brain barrier.

Kessler et al., 2014
GABA(A) receptor modulation by terpenoids from Sideritis extracts.

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Turkmenoglu et al., 2015
Flavonoids from Sideritis Species: Human Monoamine Oxidase (hMAO) Inhibitory Activities, Molecular Docking Studies and Crystal Structure of Xanthomicrol.

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González-Burgos et al., 2011
Sideritis spp.: uses, chemical composition and pharmacological activities--a review.

Todorova und Trendafilova, 2014
Sideritis scardica Griseb., an endemic species of Balkan peninsula: traditional uses, cultivation, chemical composition, biological activity.


González-Burgos et al., 2012
Diterpenoids isolated from Sideritis species protect astrocytes against oxidative stress via Nrf2.

González-Burgos et al., 2013
Kaurane diterpenes from Sideritis spp. exert a cytoprotective effect against oxidative injury that is associated with modulation of the Nrf2 system.

González-Burgos et al., 2013
Nrf2-dependent neuroprotective activity of diterpenoids isolated from Sideritis spp.

González-Burgos et al., 2013
Mitochondrial-targeted protective properties of isolated diterpenoids from sideritis spp. in response to the deleterious changes induced by H2O2.

González-Burgos et al., 2015
Kaurane diterpenes as mitochondrial alterations preventive agents under experimental oxidative stress conditions.

Phytochemie und Metabolismus:

Fraga, 2012
Phytochemistry and chemotaxonomy of Sideritis species from the Mediterranean region.

Stagos et al., 2012
Correlation of total polyphenolic content with antioxidant and antibacterial activity of 24 extracts from Greek domestic Lamiaceae species.

Stanoeva und Stefova, 2013
Assay of urinary excretion of polyphenols after ingestion of a cup of mountain tea (Sideritis scardica) measured by HPLC-DAD-ESI-MS/MS.

Sonstige physiologische Wirkungen:

Menghini et al., 2005
Preliminary evaluation on anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of Sideritis syriaca L. herba extracts.

Kitic et al., 2012
Hypotensive, vasorelaxant and cardiodepressant activities of the ethanol extract of Sideritis raeseri spp. raeseri Boiss & Heldr.

Jeremic et al., 2013
The mechanisms of in vitro cytotoxicity of mountain tea, Sideritis scardica, against the C6 glioma cell line