Proof of action for plant extracts and phytotherapeutics


Central Nervous System

Enzyme inhibition

Our know-how allows the investigation of various enzymes, transporters, receptors and ion channels. We offer a multitude of human and animal model systems. Our assays allow the identification of lead compounds, the investigation of mechanisms of actions and side effects. Our assays are at call. Our customers may choose at any time one or more assays, in which one or more substances in different concentrations will be analysed.

We are glad to provide you a proposal for solution of your specific problem, beginning from the choice of the suitable experiments to the creation of a qualified research report.

Mode of action of medicinal plants and plant extracts

Medicinal plants and plant extracts act by interaction with cellular components as transporters or receptors. These interactions are responsible for the desired and undesired effects of the plant extracts. We offer a pharmacological characterisation of these extracts. With the knowledge of the pharmacological profile of the extracts it is possible to understand the effects of the extracts or to find new indications for the extracts.

Every physiological effect has a biochemical origin!