Drug discovery - Drug mode of action


Neurotransmitter release

Neurotransmitter reuptake

Receptor binding experiments

Enzyme assays

Binding of drugs to melanin

Chromatographic separations and analyses

Through our extended know-how we propose a wide range of human and animal models. Our expertise includes customised binding, cellular and tissue assays: various enzymes, transporters, receptors and ion channels. These assays are used to identify lead compounds, to define mechanisms of action, and to identify off-target activities. All assays are available on an ad hoc basis. At any time, clients can select one or more assays to be tested against one or more compounds at one or more concentrations. We will be glad to offer you a solution for your specific problem from one source; beginning with the suggestion of the adequate experiments up to a qualified research report.

Drug mode of action

Drugs work by interaction with special cell targets like transporters or receptors. These interactions are responsible for the effects and adverse effects of drugs. We offer a characterization of the pharmacological profiles of drugs. Based on this knowledge, drug effects can be explained and new indications for the drugs may be found.

Drug discovery and development

We provide pharmaceutical companies with high quality services in drug discovery and drug development. We offer solutions allowing faster and cost effective drug discovery by identifying at early stages the most promising drug candidates as well as eliminating those compounds likely to fail in development.